Documentary meets fine art photography and videography is what I would say my work mainly consists of. Although my passion is Portrait photography, I am generally more excited when able to experiment with different photographic techniques which unconventional photography allows me to do. I would say I find inspiration from the various books I read and films I watch. However, I get most of my ideas from the people and things around me. I like to study my general surroundings and look at them from a different perspective as I find the mundane can often create

the most beautiful and mesmerising pieces of work.

I enjoy forming narratives and storytelling with my photographs if not creating short films and although my work may not be the most cohesive, I feel like that perfectly describes me as a person.

Glow 1

Image from my project Synecdoche: A portrait of a young women, showing how the use of technology can be isolating and prevent socially interacting with the outside world.

Glow 2

Image from my project Synecdoche. A self- portrait showing how the use of technology can be isolating.