Holly Beeston

I am a photographer and writer whose ambitions lie within the realms of writing, curation, publication, and socially engaged practice. My photographic work is documentary in style, yet conceptual in approach, my slow and reflective process resulting in quiet imagery and personal revelation. As a writer, I am eloquent and inquisitive, my writing style mirroring that of my photographic practice in the search for deeper meaning and discussion within photography. Both my writing and my image making often explore ideas around perception, interpretation, memory, and the intangible. Intrigued by the meditative nature of photography, I seek to unite my

passions in writing and image making with spaces of discussion and play through collaborative processes. Throughout my time at university, I have been highly organised with excellent time management skills, and was included in the Dean's Highest Achieving Students list all three years.

Don't Concrete the Greenhouse

“My Dad always said he had a book in him. Not sure how far he got but I can check.”

‘Don’t Concrete the Greenhouse’ is a visual record of what cannot be reached, heard, remembered, or confirmed. Beginning with the found words of an unfinished book written by my late Grandfather, I explore ideas of home, transition, structure and control.

Inspired both by words written and unwritten, memories immediate and far, places found and unfound, the work becomes an instinctual grasping of the ungraspable.

In a search for meaning amongst the threads, these pictures represent the closing of a distance, the traversing of dormant memories, the relinquishing of control, and subsequently, the letting go of what is concrete.