Sadie Avard

My art is a journey of self-discovery, self-reflection and my perception of the human body. Humans can destroy their confidence from an isolated moment captured, a paused time fragment, something that reality would not notice, but a photo keeps forever, and we judge endlessly; we have an addiction to overanalysing ourselves. Through my photography, I look to challenge how we value ourselves and those around us, reveal the beauty of a subject and change the distorted reality we have created of ourselves. I draw inspiration from real people and stories, combining them with an exaggerated influence. I aim to

marry the ideas that explore dysmorphia, identity and self-love to fill my images with ambitious dreams, endless possibilities and happiness. I am constantly inspired by self-growth from myself and those surrounding me. My work reaches out to those seeking self-acceptance or just an appreciation for positivity and beauty.


Incognito, Clowns and Fools Ft. Ettaboy

Don’t be misled by the physical mask adorned by these Clowns and Fools. They are revealing their hidden personality to us through performance. Don’t be fooled into taking what you witness for granted.

Zaza / Elisa

Incognito, Clowns and Fools Ft. Zaza

"Zaza is a character but also an exaggerated version of myself. Having a costume protects me as a performer.” - Zaza / Elisa

Mushroom Man

Incognito, Clowns and Fools Ft. Mushroom Man

"We're drags and Clowns and Kings and Beasts and Queens. Let's all become the icons of our dreams" - House of Savalon.


Incognito, Clowns and Fools Ft. Grainnie

The power of anonymity is unmatched when revealing the truths of our multi-faceted personalities. Theatrics have given people a unique tool for communicating and presenting a new understanding of their suppressed and diamond sides to society with fewer consequences.

Jolly / Becca

Incognito, Clowns and Fools Ft. Jolly

“We have front-stage and backstage personalities that we perform all the time.” -Erving Goffman