Jacobus Oosthuizen

Before coming to the MA Design course, I was solely a Graphic Designer but always interested in product exploration and development. Despite knowingly staying away from this potential outcome of producing this work style in my undergraduate degree, I only immersed myself in it towards the final year. However, it was always at the forefront of my mind finding its way into many project ideas. This research course has allowed me to become part of a small community of artists and designers, to learn new skills and investigate new materials and views as possible.

I want to be a conceptual

designer who believes in uncovering opportunities to improve user experiences by solving challenges and not getting stopped by tools and methodologies. I want my design projects to be about making stories, building something bigger that goes beyond the expected, rethinking topics, and challenging the norm.

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Moonshine – A Space Drinking Module

Reinventing beer drinking for the new frontier of space and zero gravity.