King Cerulean Animated Music Video

For my final year at UWE, I decided to put my lip-sync and rigging skills to the test by producing an animated music video!

Inspired by "Archer" (a 2009 espionage parody TV series), I designed, developed and animated a floating head, based off "King Cerulean´s" lead singer.

Using the bands first release "Situation" I progressed my proficiency in Toon Boom Harmony, resulting in this 20 second animation.

Jonathan Coomber (Director, Producer, Rig Artist, 2D Animator)

Animated Music Video

A collaboration with King Cerulean (a Cardiff based indie-funk band) and I, lead towards the production of a 20 second animated music video. Using their first release "Situation", I developed a singing head rig to lip-sync their lyrics.