A Game of Fate and Fable

This is an animated film that was created as an introduction to a medieval fantasy, strategy based board-game that I mean to create. My main medium is Lino Print and my aim was to give this animation a raw and gritty feel often achieved with this way of working.


- The Ashland.
- A scarred and desolate wasteland of charred trees and blackened stone.
- A broken place that holds memories of a battle waged long ago.

- this barren landscape was once teeming with life and prosperous civilisation
-Four cities occupied the four corners of the world.


- These four cities co-existed in relative peace and tranquillity.
- Until one day...

- A curious twenty-sided stone fell at the feet of king Bertrum of Argenwald.
- The king took an instant liking to this peculiar trinket and took it as a sign that he was the right to rule.

- Before long each of the four rulers was presented with stones of their own.

- Day by day king Bertrum became more and more obsessed with the stone
- In the twilight hours it twisted his mind and body to its will.

- in time the rulers of the land forgot themselves.

‪ - But what was left in their wake?

- Umbra the Perceptive, winged horror of the night.

- Memor the Patient, whose lidless eyes are always watching.

- Taurus the Enduring who’s might is unmatched...

- ...and Vermis the Quake-Bringer, a vile parasite of the deep.

- Still, the obsession grew, Umbra would not sleep until all the stones were his.

- Soon the dreaded sound of the ancient war horns echoed through the valleys of the land.

- the unsavoury sounds of battle extended to the highest reaches of the howling peaks.

- They're watching from above, a nameless figure looked out over a ruptured land.

- One with the power to change the tide.

- One by one each entity was sealed within the very stones they sought.

- Leaving the survivors to lick their wounds and begin to rebuild.

- One hundred years of silence pass.

‪- Strange figures begin the emerge from each of the four ruined cities
- Ominous towers begin to rise from the ashes.

- Four groups of necromancers, harnessing the power of the salvaged stones.
- The survivors of each respective faction hell-bent on releasing their former rulers.
- believing that harvesting the souls of the living is the key to breaking the spell.

- Using the stones to raise the fallen warriors from the dirt...

-To Fight once more.

- Even summoning Abyssal fiends to fetch the souls of the remaining opposing factions.

- with every consumed soul the power of the necromancers grow.
- In a world where life essence is the currency of the land, only the ruthless prevail.
- which faction will release their great and terrible archfiend and hold dominion over the Ashland?
- The board is set and the pieces in position, and so the real battle begins.