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New Designers Hallmarks Award – Sarah Batchelor

Forbes magazine celebrates Sarah Batchelor’s Hallmarks Award at New Designers:

‘U.K. Graduates Draw Attention To Global Issues With Purpose-Driven Designs’

‘This year’s New Designers Graduate Exhibition in London brought an array of thought-provoking work to both challenge and question global issues we face today. With a focus on environmental and social topics, advances in material innovation and conversational design took precedence across the event.

Concepts with a strong purpose stood out and it was encouraging to see fresh minds using design as a platform to address these conversations. With this mutual mindset, the graduates looked for solutions to address concerns around subjects including climate change and social wellbeing.

Sarah Batchelor at New Designers

At this year’s event, UWE Bristol graduate, Sarah Batchelor, also focused on the throwaway culture of today. Her design, the Paper Denim Chair, is created using a material made from waste paper and denim which is then combined with Jesmonite to create a composite form. Looking to bring a beautiful aesthetic to her objects, she uses discarded materials in an effort to draw attention to the negative impact of excessive consumption. For her innovations, she was awarded the Hallmark New Designers Award which offers her a four week placement within the studio.’

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