Joe Shearsby

I am a Bristol based 2D animator, graphic designer and illustrator, specialising in collage and mixed media. My practice is inspired by my personal fascination with the emotive and the evocative, as well as my love of history and keen interest in the human condition. Through the use of moving image and illustration I strive to connect with new ways of thinking, feeling and storytelling. As a compulsive collector, my creative process utilises a wide range of both hand rendered and digital material.

Dulce Et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen

My visualisation of the seminal WW1 poem by Wilfred Owen, combining gestural and expressive kinetic typography with original archive photos amidst a collage of visceral hand rendered textures. Incorporating a densely layered atmospheric soundscape to create a claustrophobic, immersive experience.

‘Bedazzled’ 1967 Reimagined Title Sequence

Reimagined titles for the 1967 film ‘Bedazzled’, combining images of swinging 1967 London with macabre woodcuts and engravings of devils and demons, creating a bizarre juxtaposition and evoking a sinister undercurrent that is more relevant to the films black comedy.

Get a Grip! The Golden Age of UK Wrestling

An animated sequence for a conceptual film on the golden age of UK wrestling in the 1960’s and 70s. Featuring bespoke poster designs for some of the biggest names on the wrestling scene of the time.

The Secret Lives of Colour

A conceptual title sequence inspired by Kassia St Clair’s book ‘The Secret Lives of Colour’.