Megan Hart

Megan Hart is a British Bristol based fashion photographer. Inspired by the outdoor environment, beauty and colour. Megan's work is rooted in nostalgia and fantasy while remaining fresh and contemporary. The combination of perfect lighting and well-dressed subjects make for the majority of her photographic practice.

Drawn to the act of storytelling, Megan engages with the lens to understand the subject's personality, whether she is creating an honest portrait or depicting a mysterious and undeniably stylish character.


'Dyad' is a collaborative body of work that follows the maternal bond my mother and I share through being highly creative individuals.

Adopting her as my muse, we explore that intimate connection artistically, responding to her creative process as a fine artist using photography.

By taking a more solitary approach, we have stripped away the high production values behind the fashion image and allowed our artistic strengths to come together and hone something meaningful.