Alex Joy

Alex Joy is a CG artist and filmmaker from Chichester and based in Bristol who is fascinated with developing/combining both modern and traditional animation methods to create something truly different.

Having a background in media and filmmaking before becoming an animator, Alex has a keen interest in storytelling, creating multiple short film projects over the years in a variety of mediums. Alex has created, alongside Amy Dolphin, the short preschool film Flying Farting Llamas, which won an award at his Uni, and is currently working on his new mini web series "rules for backpacking" a 3D animation made to look

reminiscent of 2D.

Alex has worked on a number of freelance jobs, such as an IT infographic, 80's retro music video, and as lead animator on the charity feature film "the only hope project" (currently under NDA).

2021 showreel

A short compilation of some of my CG animation and modeling work.

"Rules for backpacking" promo poster

The promotional poster for my new web series "Rules for Backpacking".

Rules for Backpacking: Ep 1 - 4

A Hybrid CG animated web series. Following the two very different backpackers, named Cass and Amahle, as they travel around southeast Asia together. On their journey, they start to discover the bizarre rules of backpacking...

Rules for backpacking Behind the scenes

A short compilation looking at the process of making rules for backpacking. I show my use of vectorized photography and procedural materials for the environments and the mixing of 2D and 3D inside one software.

Flying farting llamas: a symphony of toots

In a small mountain valley, a herd of llamas suffers some rumbling stomachs causing them to take flight using their powerful flatulence. Created in Maya, TV paint, and after-effects alongside Amy Dolphin.

PDF - click image to view

Collection of still renders

A series of still artworks created either for a commission or for personal projects. Most are 3D with some 2.5D and 2D pieces.