Bilbo Scioscia

Bilbo Scioscia is a multi-disciplinary traditional and analogue painter. He creates muralism-esque pieces of work that are contemporary in their use of abstraction and symbolism. He draws from the aesthetic ethos of Bristol and it's artists to create playful and thought provoking imagery of environmental, social and commonplace subject matter.

Bilbo is a gentle baboon sipping at a tepid waterhole birthed between the purchase of the earth and the foot of a brachiosaurus.

Migration I & II

A two piece oil series about the environment and the consequences of our actions. I wanted to employ lots of symbolism to lead the audiences view through the paintings.

like us

Digital painting presenting orangutans lives as similar to our own and to provoke ideas about how our choices may destroy their habitat.

Dog Father

Digital collage I created in response to a lockdown persona dubbed the 'Dog Father'-- a dog walking narcissist.


Digital painting created in response to a digital painting competition.


Digital painting created in response to an article about 'Tulpamancers', a group of people who create conscious beings in their mind to have relationships with.