Amy Dolphin

Amy Dolphin is a 3D modeller and texture artist. Her work carries a distinctively vintage flair, as inspired by her passion for the history of art. As a regular participant of game jams and part-time streamer, she is well-acquainted to fast-paced projects and is dedicated to pushing for more female representation in industry through her online platforms and work. Impressive time-management, organisation and draftsmenship skills solidified by her time running her online shop and life drawing classes. Knowledgeable on Maya, ZBrush and Substance painter but open to new software.

3D Artist Reel | Summer 2021

Music is Son of a Rocket by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:

3D Gallery | Amy Dolphin CG Modeller & Texture Artist | Summer 2021

The gallery space was created with a vision to bring portraits from art to life. The gallery currently features three works: "Four Seasons on one Head" by Arcimboldo, "Five Women on the Street" by Kirchner, and a 1913 "Para Todos"

3D Gallery (Still)

A still from my overarching project for the final year of my undergraduate degree. It aimed to showcase several portraits throughout the history of art as a 3D educational experience.

Four Seasons on One Head

This creature sculpt was interpreted from the piece by Giuseppe Arcimboldo "Four Seasons in One Head". In comparison to the whimsical character of most of Arcimboldo's art, the tone is darker.

Five Women at the Street

The figure was inspired by Kirchner's street walker series. The harsh fluorescent colours, primitive mask-like faces, angular forms, elongated stylisation of the figures, tectonic forms, and geometric silhouettes lent themselves to a distinctly geometric and vibrant sculpting style.

Circus Girl (Para Todos)

Inspired by the work of José Carlos de Brito e Cunha, the dancer encapsulates the distinctively Brazilian sensibility of the Art Deco movement. Launched into action in 1922, the movement was at the centennial of Brazil’s independence from Portugal.