Willow Krum

Hi, I’m Willow. I’m a model-maker working primarily in oil and polymer-based clays, with a specific interest in the genres of sci-fi, fantasy and horror. I’m also an animator specializing in the field of stop-motion animation. When working on a stop-motion production, I often find myself involved in the puppet-making process, building a character from the ground up all the way from a skeletal armature to a finished puppet ready to be given personality through animation. The animation phase is also something I’ve had experience working within, and I pride myself at my ability to work quickly and to

a brief, while also putting my own creative spin on things. I’m also a voice actor, and across my time at UWE I’ve lent my voice to a number of incredible projects. I’ve been able to voice an exciting variety of characters, from Sherlock Holmes to a flock of flying llamas.

The Bounty Hunter and their Guide

A concept piece for a sci-fi film I'm working on. Shows the protagonist being guided by an alien native to a long-abandoned desert tomb.

The Golem - Design Board

A board showing all the finished design pieces I did for a corrupted, rock-based humanoid character.