Bree Maddrell Mander

His key skills in the CG pipeline are modelling, environment layout and lighting. Primarily uses Maya and photoshop to create his scenes. He is a strong believer in "lighting means memory" and strives to make each of his pieces memorable with emotional visual storytelling and engaging composition. Bree aims to become a director of photography for feature films later in his career. His favourite genres to work in are fantasy and horror.

He has taken on a number of projects during his time as UWE, alongside student film collaborations he has worked on a anti knife crime campaign in

association with the Avon and Somerset Police. Currently he is working with a small team to develop an interactive horror video game in

Nightlight - Student Film

Join this brave little lights journey to discover the mysterious noise in the attic. This is my final year graduate film and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. It was made fully in Maya.