Daniel Hawkins

Daniel Hawkins is an animator, illustrator and sound designer based in Wiltshire.

Daniel always tries to challenge his creativity in order to create unique art, experimenting heavily with art styles, sound design and storytelling, leading to him creating surreal and unusual short films, primarily through 2D/3D/Hybrid digital animation.

He also experiments with 3D modelling, SFM's and motion graphics through commissions.

Daniel is also the lead animator, character designer and sound designer for a small indie video game currently in development called 'Quarantine', a platformer heavily inspired by 90s video games.

The Narcotics Sniffers Guide

Graduate short film. A mockumentary inspired by post WW2 public service announcements teaches you, thanks to the DHPD canine and feline patrol, the dangers of drugs and the surreal effects they have on cats and dogs.

The Star Dragon

2020 University film. A short hybrid animation targeted towards young children follows the story of a dragon who discovers he can create stars.

Animated 3D Teleporter Presentation

Rotational animation of a 3D modelled teleporter presenting the models wireframe, material and textures.

Battle On! - Motion Graphics Hybrid 2D/3D Commission

This is a motion graphics 2D/3D SFM animation commissioned by a small YouTuber. I was asked to make an animation with a 'fighting game' stylised introduction using his character and his friends characters from the game Team Fortress 2.

32 Character Commission Collage

An SFM (Source Filmmaker) illustration that has 32 characters that were commissioned by 32 different people. While the models were not made by me, the lighting and posing of the characters was created by me.

Quarantine Game Poster and Character

The 'Quarantine' game poster, logo and character 'Anomaly' designed by me. As the game is heavily inspired by 90s platformers, the games art style was influenced greatly by the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' series.