Julia Vaccina

Julia is a character designer, storyboard artist, and 2D animator, based in Bristol. She grew up in Ravenna, Italy, drawing cartoons and comics for the entertainment of herself, her family and friends. She is passionate about storytelling and bringing to life compelling characters that make people smile, cry and, most importantly, relate to them. She is resourceful and hardworking, putting all her effort into her work. Julia is keen on expanding her animation skills in various styles and would love to work on kids' TV shows.

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Visual development - The Lonely Dandelion

'The Lonely Dandelion' is a 2D Animated short film. The project was completed in May 2021. This short film is the culmination of almost 9 months of development and production. Have a look at the film pre-production work

The Lonely Dandelion - Trailer

A tiny dandelion is born in a gloomy valley inhabited by older flowers. They struggle to get along because of the age gap between them until natural circumstances will bring them together and change the valley forever.

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Character Design Portfolio

A collection of designs made for some of my classmates' thesis films/projects. Feel free to click on the picture to see more