Leena Anwar Stevens

I have taken a great interest in educational design this year. I am currently trying to push the idea of educating young people on the principles of sex and all that surrounds it, doing so through bold and provocative design. I have also been creating work that encourages women to develop a love for themselves and their bodies. I have had the opportunity to work with a number of young people, testing out my projects surrounding topics such as sexual consent, sexual principles and healthy body image through workshops and conversations, each one being very successful.

Living in Bristol,

I am constantly inspired by the urban, colourful and modern way of life here. I like to show this in the way that I work, often with a contemporary flair. I also have a passion for editorial design, something I'd like to pursue as a career after uni.

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Go with the Flow

Go with the Flow aims to give a deeper understanding of the menstrual cycle and how it affects our bodies throughout the month on each day. As a printed book, the white space will be cut out.

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These are printed cards used as a conversation starter to teach young people the principles of sex and pleasure. The front of the cards are the art directed images of fruit and the back contains the text.

Porn is Fantasy - Promo Video

This video works alongside the cards as a playful promotional video. It follows a very raw, retro style with the use of a tape recorder to achieve the organic style.

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Lumps and Bumps

I had conversations with a number of different women about their insecurities. I included them in this book (with consent) as a means to show women that they not alone and encourage them to see the beauty within them.


There is a ritualistic and beautiful aspect to the way a lot of women take time out to look after themselves. Each person has a unique way of doing these things. I explore the rituals of 4 different women.

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An educational children's colouring book encouraging them to get outside and forage (safely) for berries and make ink out of them. I had also tested the process out myself successfully.