I am a writer and animator living in Bristol.

My primary focus is writing scripts for animated projects. I tell stories that satirise the experience of working dead-end jobs and the initial period of adulthood where independence is still fresh, exciting and the future uncertain. However, I also like to incorporate drama to give my stories more than just a comedic angle. I want to tell personal stories about the complications of relationships, coping mechanisms, addiction, death and importance of friendship. I am also a musician and many of my stories revolve around music.


I'm not writing my stories, I am animating them. In 2015, I completed my first animated short film "Mercias and the Moon Man," after a year of work.

Currently I am animating my own pilot for an adult animated series set in Bristol, titled "Death and Coffee," and developing my own webcomic, "SQUIRM."

The Pizzas - Pilot Script

Pilot script for a mockumentry comedy about the trials and tribulations of a band in a rural seaside town

That's Wizardtainment

A script for a weird and wacky fantasy soap opera.

Amber, Rob and Death

Short stage play sketch inspired by my cartoon "Death and Coffee"

Oliver Burch's Last Case

Extract from a crime fiction novel

Soho '59

Extract from a novel about the late 1950's and early 1960's jazz scene