Seb Lansdowne

I am a driven young designer passionate about using visual communication to develop and spread awareness of issues and points of view that aren’t always echoed in the mainstream media. I like to focus on the use of layout and space combined with a considered typographic style to produce a wide range of different outcomes from print to web design or art direction. But my main love is designing for print, taking care to make the smallest details perfect - ensuring the paper stock or binding method is appropriate for the content.

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The Rising Series

A multifaceted series that reminds us of the power we hold as a collective, reflecting on the turbulent social events of 2020 and early 2021 through print production, 3D mapping, and sound. Shortlisted for the SWDDSA.

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Washed Your Hands?

Inspired by the concept of white and guilt and the feeling following the 2020 Black Lives Matter Protests, these soap bars are designed to make viewers consider whether society has forgotten and moved on from events that swept the globe.

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incomplete moments of time*

Inspired by everyday moments that go unnoticed, the ephemera for an art exhibition including posters and fold-out. Focusing on the smaller details, such as using timestamps for each element to give the negatively spaced designs grounding and carefully selected paper stocks.

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Force For Change

A manifesto written for the UK Police Force, laying out why they need reform in clear digestible infographics, using speculative design and clear type-led editorial style to suggest a path forwards for the police to work in the 21st century.