An Ode to Tomorrow

An Ode to Tomorrow explores the realms of the possible and the impossible, aiming to provide a platform for dreams and imagination. By taking a speculative look at the potential of tomorrow and our ability to succeed in an era with a great number of challenges, we pose questions that we don’t always ask ourselves.

An Ode to Tomorrow includes an interview with Artist and Researcher Teresa Dillon about the future of repair as well as a detailed discussion with Paulo Ruffino about the End of Game Over. Through an experimental and collaborative process, we ultimately ask the

question, why must we sit in society's confined limits? We no longer need to be managed and controlled.

Let's imagine a new future, speculating about changing, speculating to a time without limit.

Jack Jones (Graphic Designer/Web Designer), Seb Lansdowne (Graphic Designer), Charlie Sedgwick (Graphic Designer), Theo Edkins (Graphic Designer), Imogen Hunter (Graphic Designer)