Jack Jones

I am a curious and open-minded multi-disciplinary designer. My specialisms include editorial, web, brand design and project management. I am inspired to communicate current issues innovatively to a given audience. I take an experimental approach to design and art direction, determined to push boundaries while possessing excellent attention to detail. I am particularly interested in coding and interactivity.

Brand Human

Brand Human takes a playful look at the future of automation, as human employees become unique selling points of businesses. All GIPs sourced from GIPHY.

Digital Holidays

Out of Office proposes taking holidays using Google Streetview, taking in the world, during our lunch breaks! On average, 9.7 extra days of holidays were carried over from 2020, leaving a workforce in need of a break.

Motivate and Innovate

Motivate and Innovate is an HTML motivational phrase generator and chatbot featuring the strange motivational language we use every day, allowing users to remix it into random forms for the future of business! Visit www.motivateandinnovate.work to see more.

Defiance over Compliance

Inspired by the simple question of “Maybe you should unionise?” this project aims to simply reconsider how we can reconnect with the idea of a union. Consisting of two workshops and multiple communication experiments.

Clock Watcher

The analogue clock has become our constant focus on the 9 -5 and the 40-hour workweek. Clock Watcher is an open-source variable typeface entirely created through analogue clock positions mirroring the structures of our lives.