Charlie Sedgwick

I am a highly ambitious, independent visual communicator and editorial-based designer, creatively motivated, and ready to work. I can combine both creative and commercial priorities within my practice. Recently graduated and based in the South-West, I am looking to further my ability in the industry.

As a designer passionate about using design to speak change into existence, I enjoy using design in ways that enable it to visually communicate a problem, a solution, or a belief.

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Keep Up Dad

My dad isn’t racist. Yet, some of the older generations struggle to understand and accept the world we live in now. This piece of editorial design infuses Ikeas "foolproof" instruction manual design hoping to educate the elderly more effectively.

In Memory Of Masculinity

This bench acts as a physical metaphor that relays a message our society needs to hear… Gender roles aren’t healthy anymore; we need to teach modern man that it is okay to express their feelings.

A Message To The Future

Football needs change; it’s becoming more divided by the day, we know that, but nothing is being done about it. Here’s a piece of memorabilia apologizing to future generations for the lack of campaigns, reforms, and cares given by everyone.

Tell Your Kids

A collection of responses society needs to hear in order to build a new contemporary man. Young men are built to not show emotion, but if you had heard more phrases like these at a young age, would that change?

The Racist Handbook

This publication merges editorial design and visual language familiar to football fans in an attempt to educate them. Racism is plaguing society, but also our game. It hopes to educate the clearly uneducated in the hope of promoting change.

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The Book Educating You On Masculinity

We are told to be ourselves while simultaneously being expected to remain within a strict framework that directly affects the nature of our lives. This piece of editorial design looks to highlight this and educate young men on hypermasculinity.