Theo Edkins

I’m a driven and diligent visual designer. I love to work in all mediums but have a passion for typography and print. My goal is to create meaningful work and encourage positive change, exploring current issues focusing on inclusivity and open-mindedness. I investigated the theme of belonging for the main body of my degree work. I have produced outcomes on a range of topics such as migration, racism, social class, and stewardship, to name a few. I am extremely grateful to have spent my last 3 years being constantly inspired and motivated by those around me. I am leaving

university feeling prepared for the next chapter and hope to maintain my curiosity and drive as I enter the design industry.

To my future loved ones,

To my future loved ones is a time capsule containing two publications, two posters and a set of resin artefacts. The project aims to help people comprehend the impact that our current decisions will have on the long term.

Closed due to Covid

A video tutorial on how to play the satirical "Pin the tail on the donkey" game. The project presents the loss of community and multiculturalism caused by independent stores being closed due to covid.

Return to sender

Return to Sender is a book that explores the discrimination caused by borders. It is mainly image-based breaking down border infrastructure and noting negative migrant accounts. A focus piece on humans making inhumane decisions.

Celtic Union Jigsaw

A timelapse of a jigsaw created to symbolise the potential unity of the Celtic nations. Screenprinted onto wood and laser-cut. See more of the Celtic Union project at

For what it's worth

A personal exploration of belongings. Presented in the form of a publication that examines the cost of materialism.

Layers of Language

The way the media portrays foreign people has created a stigma around accents; people are mocked and shamed just because they were born elsewhere. Layers of language is a poster series that explores the beauty of language through poetry.