Imogen Hunter

As a socially engaged designer, my practice is centred on people and society, with a specific focus and curiosity for how design can be used to improve the health and happiness of people and the planet. Design which leads to action, change and education, is the motive behind my work.
I enjoy immersive research in which I explore a community, theme or activity personally, through techniques such as interviews and field recordings, as I find this helps me to produce work that is a rich and authentic reflection of a culture or community. My skills lie in research, writing,

photography, printmaking (screenprint being a personal favourite) and editorial design. Being raised on the North Devon coast has made me appreciative of nature and the environment. Nature and the outdoors is an underlying theme that is often embedded in my projects.

Mindful Guide To North Devon

Encouraging mindfulness in nature and around water, to help boost the health and happiness of individuals and the planet. Printed embossed publication with written activities, photography and illustrations.

Reimagine Your River Frome

A playful yet informative newspaper to engage local residents in the re-design and development of the River Frome by the riverside park. The project aims to foster blue-sky thinking to be creative about what the area could become.

Water Safety Posters

With cold water swimming on the rise, it's even more important for newcomers to be aware of the dangers. This series of 7 posters gives essential safety advice for different hazards relating to outdoor swimming.

Merbabes Beach Throw

A hand screen printed beach throw, inspired by a series of voice-notes shared between 5 women who regularly swim with the Hele Merbabes (a group of sea swimming women). A celebration of togetherness, sisterhood and transformation.

The Swim

Celebrating the benefits of cold water swimming. A collaborative project with Phoebe Jones.