Sophie Pitt

In addition to studying MA Design, I previously graduated from a Creative Product Design BSc Honors degree at UWE 2019.
I have a range of excellent design skills gained through delivery of innovative product designs within my degrees and through my numerous artistic hobbies. I am passionate about the aesthetics of creative design and the influence this has in emotional value, purchasing decisions and how this affects the products unique selling point. As a designer, there's such power to help tackle global, social and environmental issues, so I'm incredibly proud to be a part

of this industry. My passion and enthusiasm for all aspects of aesthetic and sustainable design inspire me greatly and I have an appreciation of the need to understand the risks within a design in order to produce innovative but robust design ideas. I enjoy painting and drawing - creating many commissions for members of the public.

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The Bubl Project

The objective of The Bubl Project is to collect non-recycled bubble wrap and form into a new sheet material, Bubl. This will sell as products, where a proportion of the proceeds will be donated to charities fighting against climate change.

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Design Futures: 'Bose Eclipse' Record Player

The aim was to choose a brand and create a product for the year 2050. It was a great opportunity to research how technology is evolving and how I can apply a futuristic tone to my chosen product, a record-player.

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The aim was to find case studies for my favourite image, 3D sculpture, piece of text, a film and a place. Once found, my challenge was to create a 3D product or art form combining all these five things.


I wanted to experiment how music to be seen visually. Using light and a bowl of water placed on a bass speaker, I captured the effects the music vibrations had on the reflection and created screenshots of the beautiful images.

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My aim to get the indoor generation outside... An adaptable seating space to provide the public with freedom to customise, socialise and enjoy the outdoors. This interactive design will bring people together while getting plenty of daylight and fresh air.