Flip The Switch

A response to the RSA brief: For The Long Term. Flip The Switch is a workshop and supporting social app that helps young people to tackle demotivation, learn strategies to solve problems and grow a network of connections outside of just a "like" focused social app.

The workshop is in three parts, an initial discussion around motivation / de-moitvation, matching characteristics to learner types and then finally a blue-sky thinking session to solve problem cards and to flip the switch.

Seb Lansdowne (Team Leader)

Participants in the workshop

Designed for 7-10 participants the workshop encourages discussion and blue sky thinking.

Digital Cards

The 5 different card types included in each pack: instruction cards (white), Round One (yellow) - discussion around motivation/de-motivation, Round Two (Black illustrated cards and long thin cards) - discussions of learner types, Round Three (Black) - Problem-solving.

App Home Screen

Digital Workshop Cards

Flipping 'The Switch'

The workshop uses the iconography of progressing with more and more lights being switched on, reinforcing the methods suggested in the disucssions.