Elizabeth Bull

Elizabeth identifies herself as a multidisciplinary textiles designer who is fascinated and drawn to various design processes, especially within the realms of sustainability. Since undertaking MA Design, Elizabeth has explored alternative eco-friendly design processes such as natural dyeing and printing with natural pigments, combining it with innovative technologies including digital embroidery and laser engraving, aiming to weave together both traditional and modern textile processes.

She is inspired by natural forms, abstract patterns in nature and philosophical ideas around the beauty and delicacy of the natural world. After obtaining a BA in Fashion (specialising in textile design) and having worked

for a number of fashion retail companies in various roles for the past decade, Elizabeth is eager to begin her professional journey within textiles, surfaces and pattern design whether that be in a commercial, industry setting or within research and sustainability.

Leaf Skeleton Dissolvable Digital Embroidery

An experimental sample: digital embroidery of a close up leaf skeleton (taken from a drawing of a Chinese Lantern plant calyx). Stitched on to Thermagaze, a gauze that once ironed or placed in a heat press disintegrates.

Inky Leaves Digital Print

An abstract digital print design of inky leaf impressions (made by heat sublimation using disperse dyes under a heat press). Other sections where taken from various mark making explorations found and made in different environments.

Bundle Dye

Creating accidental patterns and repeats within a bundle dye experiment, which is done by wrapping organic matter such as flowers and berries inside pretreated fabric, and then it is steamed to release the natural dyes.

"Laser Devoré"

Experimenting with the Trotec laser cutting machine to recreate the appearance of devoré printing onto fabrics, in this case organic cotton velvet; using this alternative means no chemicals, no polluting the waterways, and barely any usage of water.