India MacDonald

I am a concept-driven 3D Visual Artist, Set Designer and Stylist who specialises in physicality, 3D modelling and set and prop making. The exploration of the relationship between the physical and the digital is a prominent element within my work, with components of tactile DIY styling and digitally modelled and manipulated processes.

I create both large-scale physical props and styling elements, using recycled materials, as well as self-teaching myself the 3D software Blender to create CGI environments and landscapes, ensuring a conscientious approach to set design.

My focus is often on themes of counter-culture, anti-fashion and sustainability, generating concepts

beyond the realm of fashion and into the practice of visual artistry. So far within my practice, I have conducted several collaborations and exhibitions with other artists within my creative community in Bristol and was announced as a finalist for London's Graduate Fashion Week Fashion Styling and Creative Direction award.

Self Isolation, Self Portrait, Self Sabotage

This series of self-portraits reflect my isolated experience during the pandemic; all props and set were found items from the streets of Bristol. The entire set was made in my room, as well as props that represent my lockdown experience.

The Puppet's Advocate

Exploring societal performance and how individuals must perform to ideologies beyond their control. Taking inspiration from Renaissance ideology, marionette puppet shows and theatrical historic characters. I created a mini theatre set onto which I edited my styled models into post-production.


Taking reference from post-humanist and dystopian narratives, such as the culture tribes of the 1979 film Mad Max and augmented characters of cyberpunk literature, I created a humanoid creature-like character whose skin has become their primary form of protective wear.


I explore ‘The Other’, which has been used for centuries to divide and separate people by a means of distancing the ruling group and marginalising the group that is considered ‘less advanced’ and still hold much influence within our society.

Foot Fetish

Collaboration with Fine Artist Alice Worne, exploring wearable art inspired by cyberpunk literature.

OK, Boomer (UWE x Lazy Oaf)

A satirical publication for a Lazy Oaf live brief, exploring the undeniable divide between Gen Z and the Boomer generation through humorous and irreverent visuals, styling and art direction. I created a large 3D set and props inspired by children's drawings.