William Groucutt

I am an actor and writer, just graduating from UWE with a Drama degree. I have been performing since a young age, and in recent years I have turned my passion for writing into actualised performances. I have a passion for theatre as well as other performance mediums. I have been in a handful of student films as well as being apart of performances with UWE's Drama Society. Recently I performed a play which I had written with a fellow student and we aim to enter this performance into future festivals. My aim for the future is to establish

myself as an actor and a writer with a theatre company set up with a fellow performer. My work is deeply intrenched with humour and philosophy; I hope to offer a unique perspective on aspects of life we often overlook.

Hug Me in Paradise

Hug me in Paradise absurdist dark comedy based around the idea of masculinity, suicide and Camus' three ideas of suicide.

La Jetee

This Avant Garde performance looks into the incohesive nature of life as well as the mundanity of day to day life. This short film eplores memory, perception and the idea of self.