Hug Me In Paradise

Hug Me in Paradise discusses the Taboos around suicide. It touches on the reasons why we live and why we die. Life is cruel, but it's also a beautiful ridiculous comedy that surprises us every day. The play follows the unlikely meeting of Joe & Dom, two people who've come to the conclusion of death under drastically different circumstances.

This dark comedy is a social commentary on the taboo surrounding suicide, masculinity & the generational gap. Written by William Groucutt and Directed by Aaron Lewis-Grey.

Hug Me in Paradise is the beginning of a Trilogy of plays Will

is writing addressing the different elements of death: Suicide, Inevitability & Nihilism.

The projects next steps moving forward are to extended the plays run time from 20 to 35 minutes, then to take the show to various fringe festivals across the country including Vault & Edinburgh.

Aaron Lewis-Grey (Director & Deputy Stage Manager), William Groucutt (Writer & Actor- Joe), Matthew Neligan (Actor- Dom)

Hug Me in Paradise - Final Performance Live Stream - 26th May 2021

This is the live stream of the Final Year performance 'Hug Me in Paradise' written by William Groucut.

William Groucutt - Writer/Actor

William wrote the Script for HMIP and also co-starred in the piece as Joe.

Matthew Neligan - Actor

Matthew co-starred in HMIP as Dom.

HMIP - Tech & Dress 21st May 2021

HMIP - Tech & Dress 21st May 2021

HMIP - Tech & Dress 21st May 2021