Matthew Neligan

I am an actor with a great passion for theatrical performance, which I have developed throughout my whole life. From a young age I have always strived to improve my acting, honing my skills throughout many performances during education and university. Specifically I enjoy comedic theatre, with a new found appreciation of how the absurdities of life can be taken and made palatable for an audience to enjoy. Although I focus on theatrical performance, I have had numerous on screen performances, ranging from university projects to commercial advertising shoots. This ensures that as an actor I am well rounded

and prepared to take on any kind of role, whether it is on stage or on screen.

Hug Me In Paradise

Hug Me In Paradise is an absurdist dark comedy. Based around the idea of masculinity, suicide and Camus' three ideas of suicide.

La Jetee

A short film which explores how memory can affect perception, through the gaze of our characters day to day life.

Harvey's Monologue

A monologue by the character Harvey, as he opens the door to his estranged father, handing him a letter with a check.