Hidden Faith-UWE Drama Final Year Performance

Hidden Faith is set in eastern Europe, it pursues Mia’s indoctrination into a cult who worship the Goddess movement, a Neopagan faith of the Triple Goddess’, Mother, Maiden & Crone who reflect the multiple archetypes of women throughout life. She is cautious at first but accepts the faith and participates in a ritualistic sacrifice by the finale. Hidden Faith aimed to open the audience’s eyes to the power of womanhood and the strength in a collective of women.

The initial inspiration came from Ari Aster’s Midsommar (2019), a Horror/Drama revolving around the main character Dani’s psychological

trauma. Additionally, we wanted to recreate the combination of visual attractiveness with the constant feeling of discomfort I experienced watching the film. Transitioning onto the stage, the satisfaction for the audience’s optical stimulation whilst bombarding their other senses with chaos, confusion, and discomfort. This was achieved through the contrast of sound & stage design.

Aaron Lewis-Grey (Director & Stage Manager)

Hidden Faith - The Cast

(Left to Right) Greta Marinova, Jessica Mills, Amber Norman, Lucy Siebert & Ishan Sharma. Ishan played the main role of Mia, whilst the rest were an ensemble of cult members who worshiped the triple Goddess.

Tech & Dress - 21st May 2021

We spent several hours in various pre & post tech rehearsals perfecting the timing for lighting & sound. At this stage of rehearsals it all began to come together, and our performance really started to look like the finished product.

Final Performance - 26th May 2021

Final performace day was the best and worst for all of us. It was a massive relief for the project to finally come to fruition but also sad that it was over and the last time we'd see it performed.

Post-final Performance - 26th May 2021

Posing post-show with the Wicker-woman (designed & built by Amber)

Directing/ Calling the Show

Being the Director and DSM for the show was a great expereince, it helped that I desined and created the QLab so when it came to calling the final show it made my life significantly less stressful - Aaron

Hidden Faith - Live Stream 26th May 2021

This is the live stream of the final performance of Hidden Faith.