Abby Davies

Abby Davies is a Welsh artist who uses a wide variety of mediums within her practice, such as drawing, painting, photography and printmaking, to create fictional narratives through a series of visual imagery.

Davies’s work is normally inspired by and revolves around her interest in silent-era films, choosing to focus on the characters,
contrasting lighting and camera angles, all of which Davies uses to create a dramatic and atmospheric narrative.

Recently, Davies has delved into her own personal connections to Welsh folklore and mythology. Davies has been exploring this topic by collecting her childhood stories of growing up in South-West

Wales, as well as researching Arthurian Legend and The Mabinogion. This has led her to create a supernaturally charged narrative through her use of various media, concluding in a series of paintings and a book format.

Front Cover of 'Welsh Folklore'

This is the front cover design of my book 'Welsh Folklore', relief print.

Back Cover of 'Welsh Folklore'

This is the back cover design for my book 'Welsh Folklore', relief print.

Scene Two

Acrylic on canvas. Depicting a strange man trying to escape the villagers hospitality, aiming for the fortress upon the cliff, after being shipwrecked off of the coast of Tenby.

Scene Three

Acrylic on canvas. Depicting the stranger holed up in the fortress by the fire, pondering his thoughts and lamenting the death of his lover.

Scene Five

Acrylic on canvas. Depicting the stranger, having been lured down from the fortress by the sound of his deceased lover's voice, falls into the trap of a siren waiting for him.

PDF - click image to view

'Welsh Folklore'

This is a downloadable, digital version of my book. (Image Cover: Scene Six - depicting the strangers demise). Acrylic on canvas.