Isobel Dyte

​My studio work focuses on the colours and beauty found within nature. I have always been fascinated with seeking out colourful flowers and natural forms hidden within our everyday lives and portraying this through my paintings. Being shy, I use my artwork to speak for me, be my release, and portray my emotions to the viewer. This makes me express my feelings to my audience through my bold paintings. I have explored abstract expressionism using acrylic paints with a palette knife for quick releases creating an instant response, and I also like admiring close-up details and using watercolours.<br

/> Recently I was involved in a car crash, making my work take an unexpected turn. I have become fascinated with crumpled metal forms and random patterns, which has let my bigger works evolve.

Wounded Rose

A1 charcoal drawing of a rose.

Crumpled Dreams

A1 watercolour painting showing the written off car.

Boxed Mass

Crushed metal parts painted onto a canvas.

Blossoming Hope

Large scale flower drawing on canvas material.

Sudden Chaos

Large scale canvas drawing representing the total disarray of my mind.

Scrap Yard

A1 watercolour painting showing lost hopes and dreams.