Shannon Lopes

My artwork is a visual representation of collected data and mapping. My pieces convey my family’s history of movements in and around Africa through co-ordinated mapping, and sequenced national flag inspired work. I express this information through a dynamic exploration of line, pattern, and colour, conveying my theme’s qualities through material usage and display. I was moved to create this work due to an increased attention on race and culture during 2020, which is reflected in the varying heritages that are present within my family, and a broken connection with my family through loss, and separation due to isolation

during the pandemic. I have entitled this body of work “Wanderers”, which I feel encapsulates the essence of the work in a single, felicitous word.

I co-designed, co-compiled, and co-edited the Drawing and Print publication. I was also involved with the UWE STAR exhibition.


List of hand-stamped co-ordinates of all of the locations my family members have lived throughout their lives.

Linear Log

Connected co-ordinate mapping of my family's movements with exploration of colour taken from country's flags.


Lined monoprint showing my family's movements in and out of Zimbabwe, which is the centerpoint in my work.


Circular data showing the number of family members who have lived in each place based on their size.


A series of paintings showing my family's movements through linear flags sized on how many places they lived within each country at one time.

Wanderers 2

A painted tapestry showing the timeline of movements of my different family members through simplified linear flags.