Kiah Hezékiah Walter - Zalékiah

The knowledge and experience I gained at University have helped me define my identity in the fashion industry. I am a Fashion Designer specialising in Prints and Mixed media textiles. My designs represent my passion and versatility in collaborating with other designs and fusing different styles and colours. Nature is my greatest inspiration.

My aim is to contribute, create ethical sustainable ways and find friendly sustainable materials in fashion that will reduce the impact on the environment.

Zalékiah - Tropical Dreams - Seasonless Menswear textile print collection

Re-imagined new textiles collection from my final graduate project “Tropical Dreams” in context for a new Fashion Collection specifically for Men. Re-develop by changing colourways, layering images, changing size, proportions and layouts.

Zandra Rhodes Textiles Competition - Nomination

Textile prints using self-portrait imagery of my muse contextualised on non-age specific, season-less garments silhouettes on the body of my muse and Curate, compile and collage that into a visually stimulating design that is eye-catching, colourful, and aesthetically pleasing.

Zalékiah - Tropical Dreams - Womenswear Digital print textile collection 4

Textiles collection 4 from the Tropical Dreams project, Inspired by Animal skin, combining motifs and patterns, layering and collaging to create a design that’s different and not been done as Animal print have been done countless of time.

Zalékiah - Digital print from Tropical Dreams project, Collection 3

Digital textiles print from collection 3 of the Tropical Dreams project, using natural forms, inspired by the idea of camouflage, nature, leaves the idea of ‘to blend" with the surrounding.

Zalékiah - Tropical Dreams project.

Restricted sourcing of materials, facilities to produce samples, I had the initiative to gather and collect all materials I had in my archives to produce 3Dimensional Textiles collection using my bed sheet, drawing inks and bleach using shibori technique.

Zalékiah -

A project based on animals skin and fur, an animal print inspired textile collection in neutral camouflage tones. I found that it is always on the scene meaning my textile design would be seasonless and not age-specific.