Sarah Greenall

I am an adventurous and passionate Interior Designer. Favouring a hands-on approach, I adapt and challenge the norm with an open mind and heart. I hope to be able to design community and well-being based projects as my key focus. I am keen to gain more knowledge and insight with each of my endeavours to hone my creative intuition, widen my horizons, and for personal growth.

I often draw inspiration from personal experiences and the history of a space and am particularly interested in design surrounding well-being, the human experience and perception of space by individuals through memory and

emotion. I enjoy both the conceptual and technical approaches to design and work well with softwares like AutoCAD, SketchUp and Adobe Suite.

In 2020, I completed a summer internship that allowed me to better understand the skillset needed and quality of work required in industry. This internship has taught me a wide range of skills from mood board presentations to technical drawings.


Concept visual of my project and light therapy room. I want people to look at these lights and feel as though theyre sinking into an open meadow watching a purple sunset. Use of purple because of its association with women.


Glass shard cafe inspired by methods of protest through the different waves of feminism.


A prefabricated modular home system tackling multigenerational living through adapting spaces to enhance social inclusion, putting health and wellbeing at the centre of its design process.


Curves inspired by the growth of bamboo used to influence the movement of space in the building.