Teifion Richards

My name is Tei Richards, and I am an animator, aspiring story artist, experimental filmmaker, and illustrator based in Bristol, UK. I specialise in 2D digital and traditional animation, with an interest in branching into stop-motion. I have recently completed my film, "Self Portrait," a 2D animated film about a gallery visitor being pulled into a strange dimension by his own abstracted self portrait. Alongside animation and illustration, I have a great interest in printmaking and collage, and aim to explore these mediums through the lens of experimental animation. I aspire to one day create short and feature films

and cartoons independently using experimental mediums.

Self Portrait Trailer

The trailer for my graduate film: "Self Portrait." The film is about a gallery visitor being thrust into a strange world inside the artwork by his own distorted self-portrait.

2021 Animation Showreel

A showcase of animated work I have recently completed.

Guitar Dog - Monoprint

A monoprint/digital art piece I produced using multiple monoprints.

"Night Party" - Collage

A collage I produced based on a dream I once had. Created using collage, markers and oil pastels.