Self Portrait

"A gallery visitor is stalked by a painting that looks eerily similar to himself, and upon coming face to face with the painting, is then thrust into the self portrait’s world. What does the painting want with his doppelganger?"

Self Portrait is a 2D animated film directed, produced and animated by Tei Richards.
Additional Animation by: Tish Marsh & Tom Cushing
Additional Assets by: Courtney Juliff-Buckle
Music by: Dyfan Hedd
Paintings by: Tom Cushing, Courtney Juliff-Buckle, James Naylor, Tish Marsh, Tei Richards

Teifion Richards (Director, Animation, Producer), Tish Marsh (Animation), Tom Cushing (Animation), Courtney Juliff-Buckle (Assets)

Self Portrait - Trailer

The trailer for "Self Portrait"