Courtney Juliff-Buckle

Courtney Juliff-Buckle is an animator and illustrator based in Bristol, UK. Specializing specifically in 2D digital animation, Courtney has created, directed and produced a graduate short named 'A Rose's Ceremony'. It follows a little humanoid rosebud named Pink and her colony of flower friends witnessing their caretaker, Grandma, trample and ruin their garden. After Grandma kills one of their own, the flowers decide to take out their revenge. It was made entirely in Toon Boom Harmony and Clip Studio Paint.

Courtney also illustrates and has done many commissions and zine work in the past, she also likes to experiment

with painting both digitally and traditionally. She's also been a runner on the short film, 'Dolapo is Fine' by APATAN Productions which is currently streaming on Netflix.

A Rose's Ceremony Trailer

A trailer for my graduate film, 'A Rose's Ceremony'.

Showreel June 2021

Painting for 'Self Portrait'

Digital painting based off of Gustav Klimt's 'The Kiss' for Tei Richard's graduate film 'Self Portrait'.

Painting for 'The Alan Ankles Experience'

Acrylic painting for Tom Cushing's graduate film 'The Alan Ankles Experience'.

Nozomi Tojo illustration for the 'Love Live! Meet the School Idols!' digital zine (cropped)

Digital illustration of the character 'Nozomi Tojo' for the 'Love Live! Meet the School Idols!' digital zine. (As of writing, the zine isn't released. So the piece has been cropped.)