James Booth

James is a Bristol-based photographer currently finalising his work within the BA Photography course at UWE. His multifaceted practice explores notions of home and modern dwelling in documentary contexts, with commercial interests surrounding cultural links between contemporary art, fashion and music industries. James’ post-graduation ambitions utilise an expansive interest in multi-media content creation with analogue techniques, as well as social media management and editorial assisting.

Home, Identity and the Fleeting Reality of Time

Work created for an editorial brief in association with UWE, providing an introspective response to the ever-fleeting passing of time that accompanies separation from the place in which one’s identity is formed. An acceptance that change is necessary for growth.

Home, Identity and the Fleeting Reality of Time (cont.)

Plot 116

An ongoing body of work contextually exploring the ways in which new build housing developments are hindered by the same flaws that traditional utopian concepts faced.

(Plot 116 cont.)

Design choices in new builds illustrate limitations on individuality and expression of identity that are paramount to our relationships with home, contradicting aspirations of a better future for life at home.

(Plot 116 cont.)


Select examples of recent commercial work for Bristol-based streetwear brand ‘Visionless’ employing creative direction, production and content preparation for social channels.