My passion centres around intimacy and is focused on themes surrounding but not limited to feminism, gender expression and queerness. Driven by feminine aesthetics, I aim to highlight underrepresented communities, address real issues through a pink-tinted lens and aid my audience in recognising the inequality and discrimination that is faced every day, as well as connect them with their journey towards loving themselves and those around them. Each project I create is a step towards underrepresented individuals resonating and relating with the fashion industry, feeling respected and powerful.

Illustration - Self Love in Lockdown.

An illustrative response to spending prolonged amounts of time in my bedroom throughout lockdown.

Me and The Mirror

an image from my Final Major Project, exploring identity found within the process of getting dressed up.

F is for Family

Art Direction I created for a Marfa Journal inspired editorial.

Just Babes Club

Content I created using FaceTime, positioned for the brand Just Babes Club Lingerie in collaboration with an OnlyFans Sex Worker.

Just Babes Club

Content I created positioned for the brand Just Babes Club in hypothetical collaboration with the brand The Pleasure Garden, working against negative stigma attached to female masturbation.