Jasmine Miller

An aspiring Hospitality Interior Designer with a playful edge. My main focus is creating memorable experiences in my designs that will 'wow' people, from the layout of space to the materials used. While also thinking about how the senses can be played upon to change or enhance people's perception of a space.

BEMUSE Water Tower Bar

The senses can be used to alter the perception of flavour from the use of sound. When walking round the bar different music is played to bring out these perceptions of flavour allowing the diners to test the theory themselves.


In the restaurant the diners travel through the space after every few courses, each room plays on a different sense to alter the perception of flavour. The experience continues into the water tower bar, cellar and viewing platform.

BEMUSE Matti Braun Exhibition Room

Matti Brauns gost log is exhibited in the final room where the room is flooded with a thin layer of water with stepping stones between the tables. Diners eat without utensils as eating with your hands makes food taste better.

BEMUSE Olafur Eliasson Exhibition Room

Monofrequence lamps hang above the tables changing the colour of the food. Colour and taste have a very strong connection so by taking away colour it’s much harder to perceive what the food will taste like, heightening the other senses.

Finger Spoon

Textures can change the perception of flavour, the finger spoon made from glass has a smooth finish that will bring out sweeter perceptions of flavour when used to eat the meal.

BEMUSE Brandy Cellar

The cellar form has taken inspiration from brandy stills with 2 light shafts casting light throughout the space. Diners are able to infuse their brandy with on-site edible plants and have their drinks made with it in the bar.