A Rose’s Ceremony

A Rose's Ceremony is a short graduate film created by Courtney Juliff-Buckle. It's a 2D digital film made entirely in Toon Boom Harmony and Clip Studio Paint.

Themes of loss, powerlessness, and revenge are explored as we follow the story of a little humanoid flower named Pink and her little flower colony. They witness and have to deal with their caretaker, Grandma, trample and ruin their garden. Things take a turn for the worst when Grandma kills one of their own, causing Pink and the gang to snap, giving Grandma a taste of her own medicine.

Courtney Juliff-Buckle (Creator, Director, Producer & Lead Animator), Tish Marsh (Animator), Teifion Richards (Animator), Felix Surplus (Foley), Tom Cushing (Animator)

A Rose's Ceremony Trailer

30 second trailer for the film.