Tilly Muir

My work explores colour and the ability to provoke emotion and atmosphere through predominantly vibrant and prismatic acrylic paintings. I’m interested in contrasting colour relationships and the subject matter of place to transport the viewers into my artwork and make them feel like they have stepped into the painting.

My practice revolves around using detail, composition and perspective to bring beauty to even the most mundane destinations. I am motivated by the possibility of sharing new and almost abstract ways of seeing, recreating scenes that you may once have overlooked into colourful and captivating attractions. I am fascinated with

how we both individually and collectively associate certain colours and places with certain thoughts and feelings, blurring the boundaries between the real and the imagined. I intend to expand and develop my understanding of colour to explore these themes in my work further.


Acrylic painting of my claustrophobic bathroom.


Acrylic painting, exploring direction of light through colour


An acrylic paint exploring detail and perspective.

Ode to Italy

A detailed acrylic painting focusing on perspective and place. This place is in Italy on lake Como and is where I longed to be during lockdown and self isolation.

Rings from my shop

I recently set up my own Etsy shop, where I sell resin-made items from ashtrays to jewellery! Chceck on my Instagram -TillyRoseResin I have a range of beautiful rings and trays for sale and plan to expand on this business

Cute funky Ashtrays

Just a few of my original custom ashtrays-using accessories such as buttons to Lego pieces to duck charms, I do a range of unique and colourful products as well as custom designs