Stylist, Creative Director and Graphic Designer. Creating inventive, energetic and ethical work which aims to break the boundaries of a traditional fashion image. Inspired by digital graphics, sustainable styling, and future concepts, I turn trash into treasure and fashion imagery into an alternate utopia. Focusing on environmental issues caused by the global fashion industry and exploring them within digitally manipulated, thought-provoking visuals. Aiming to prove you don't need to exploit people or the planet to make imagery which inspires.

Recently completed a digital publication entitled '2080' which looks at the climate crisis, technology and the need for a more sustainable

fashion industry from a future perspective. It's been nominated for the GFW Terry Mansfield Digital Publication Awards and I won their #tagyourtalent competition on Instagram.

Currently completing work experience with an Independent Bristol brand and a collaborative project with Dean Davies.
Strengths also in Adobe Photoshop&Indesign, Studio Photography and Casting.

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Set 60 years in the future from a perspective where the planet has destroyed itself by not acting on advice in the past, 2080 explores future-thinking digital advancements, technological adaptions, and sustainable clothing developments.

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An editorial envisioned for Buffalo Zine. Exploring the community culture of street shopping in Bristol, online freecycling, repurposing trash and facebook humour. All items featured within this editorial were found on the street/ repurposed.

Showreel of my work - Video Portfolio Georgia Cotter 2021

A visual portfolio of my work presented as a showreel, beginning with a 3D graphic video and showing my current publication, editorial work and self-initiated imagery.