Hannah Manning

My main focuses are art direction, photography, casting, styling, and digital marketing, honed on my BA Fashion Communication. The course has helped me to push myself to widen and improve my craft and skills within the industry. My passion for visual communication is inspired and influenced by the connection between fashion and music during the early 2000’s, specifically Hip Hop and RnB. From my own authentic and personal viewpoint, my work examines and experiments with that era's bold explosion of colour and style.

Depop proposed Social Media Marketing campaign

A digital and physical marketing campaign proposal for fashion marketplace Depop. Multi-faceted creative campaign and competition to motivate Depop’s audience to find different ways to up-cycle items of clothing they already have within their wardrobe that they never use.

Prototype Pop-up Event proposal for Depop

Prototype 2-day pop-up event including panels talks discussing topics such as Depop gentrification, making people more aware as well as focusing on promoting up-cycling as an alternative with workshops allowing people to learn, share ideas and meet new people!