Milly Blythe

I create work using a mixture of illustration and photography. My intention is to create work that encourages feelings of warmth and nostalgia. Most of my inspirations have come from sustainability and working towards a sustainable future for our planet. However, there are many different influences in my work taken from everyday life and the world around me.

My process starts by doing a huge amount of research into my initial ideas. This will allow me to fully understand the concepts I wish to communicate. I will then create drafts and mock ups of my initial ideas before developing

this into my final piece. I intend for my work to be unique, showing my personality and style.

Animal Illustrations

I wanted to create a series of illustrations that took wild animals and put them into the context of the domesticated human world. I have developed my own individual style, drawing on a computer using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Wild Swimming

This project started when looking into how humans need nature to help when it comes to mental health and wellbeing. The planet is incredibly important to me and a huge influence throughout my practice.

A Lockdown Project

During the first lockdown starting March 2020, I wanted to capture a series exploring the emotions and feelings of this time. These emotions were the feelings of being stuck inside, compared to the heat of the long, hot summer.

A Sustainable Way To Dress

Emma hasn’t bought any new clothing or fast-fashion in over three years. This really excited me. I intended to create a series of portraits displaying the outfits she has created through slow and second-hand fashion.

Polyester Zine

I was the photographer for this collaborative project intended for Polyester Zine. Our intention was to encourage women be women and represent themselves how they wish, inspiring confidence.