Milly Glasgow

As a photographer my work is often informed by reflecting on the world around me as well as my own personal experiences. Being in the present moment is a significant factor in my photography work as I often use analogue photography, focusing largely on 35mm film which allows me to utilise my craft to express the narrative.

My aim is to create work that evokes an emotion within the viewer through the intimate connection to my subjects through the lens, and by focusing my work on bringing awareness to topics which may sometimes get overlooked, such as themes of

nature – and how it can help, both mentally and physically - as well as diversity and identity. My work also focuses on playful and experimental styling to help to shape the narrative and storytelling, as well as expanding my practice into disciplines such as art direction, styling and casting.

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Imagined Cawley Campaign

These images were shot as an imagined editorial for the London-based brand, Cawley, who focus on quality craftsmanship and an ethical made-to-order basis. The photographs were shot in a natural environment which reflects the brand ethos.

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Blue mind

The series of images explore the powerful effect nature has on us as human should we spend time connecting with it – something that helps both mentally and physically allowing us to feel those moments of calm and presence.

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Proposed brand strategy for the Danish brand Ganni. The content was presented within a digital publication as well as a digital 360-campaign concept including t-shirt designs, postcards and badges, website assets, billboards, newsletters and a moving image element.

Imagined Beauty Papers Editorial

An editorial exploring contemporary, single tonal colour makeup, informed by the models own narrative. The colours chosen provide a narrative into the model’s relationship with colour and how colour can evoke different emotions.