Naomi Hoffmeister

A creative individual, exploring new ways to market and advertise fashion. I am passionate and enthusiastic about the final outcome of the projects I take on, constantly challenging myself to ensure a strong, meaningful, communication. I love to choose topics which I feel personally connected to as I believe I can project that energy through the outcome. This creates a situation where the audience can relate to the concept as well forming the best results possible.

Social Curve

An Instagram account to start a community for people with scoliosis or anyone who wants to learn more about it… normalising disabilities and deformities in the media.

Celebrating the female body

Lonsdale #Drive2Excel

Creator of the new Lonsdale marketing campaign #drive2excel encouraging people to stay motivated to succeed in their fitness goals.

Weathergurlz – Confidence from within

Creator of the Weathergurlz editorial “Confidence from within”. An editorial exploring self-love and acceptance from within yourself, nowhere else.

#savageable for Savage X Fenty

Creator of the #savageable social media campaign for Savage X Fenty, a campaign celebrating, spreading awareness and positivity for disabilities in the media.

Naomi Hoffmeister Showreel

A 1 minute showreel displaying content produced by myself throughout my degree as well personal work.